We congratulate Mikel Keller and Steffen Pumple on the successful completion of the master craftsman's examination                

New our corporate film                

New Bissinger Plasmaloop
- True bipolar resectoscope -

New Bissinger Powergrip 3.0 micro
- Bipolar coagulation forceps 3 mm

New Bissinger Poweredge
- Bipolar coagulation forceps with cutting blade

Now, all Bissinger handling instructions are
available in 5 languages

Bissinger has expanded                

Bissinger is majority shareholder
at Steiner Pinzetten GmbH

Since 11/15/2011 we generate our own
with photovoltaic system

Our active contribution to climate protection:
Since 12/01/2011 we cover
our total electricity needs with
Green electricity from 100% hydropower
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