Detachable Bipolar Coagulation Forceps

Zerlegbare Bipolare KoagulationszangeReusable instrument for use in laparoscopy for grasping and cutting tissue during bipolar coagulation.

Comfortable Handling
The electrode can be rotated 360° for accurate jaw orientation.  There is no receding of the jaw when closing. This allows precise grasping and coagulation of the tissue.


bipolarer Dissektor Maryland Bipolare Schere Kleppinger Zange
Bipolar Dissector Maryland

The new bipolar dissector allows dissection, grasping and precise coagulation of tissue.
  Bipolar Sissors
The reusable bipolar curved scissors electrode for laparoscopy provides the ability to dissect, cut and coagulate at the same time. Changing the instrument is no longer necessary.
  Kleppinger Forceps
The Kleppinger forceps with serrated jaw has been designed for secure grasping and bipolar coagulation of tissue.

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